The World in 2100

Do you get the feeling that something doesn’t quite add up?

  • 70 years of astounding technical progress have failed to deliver the promised improvements in quality of life – possibly even the reverse.
  • If you are “lucky” enough to be employed – you are likely stressed out, overworked, and sliding deeper into debt.
  • Housing is becoming more unaffordable year by year.
  • Education leaves graduates with a crippling debt burden before they even start on their career, and with less and less certainty that they will even get a job at the end.
  • Pensions are turning out to produce a paltry fraction of the promised income.
  • We are told every day that ‘economic growth’ is the solution to all our problems – but what benefit have you had from the past decades of growth?
  • Mounting levels of pollution are destabilising the planet, yet political leaders only respond with denial or empty gestures.
  • Armed conflicts inflict horror and suffering on a prodigious scale, while the politicians who instigate them keep themselves well out of harm’s way.

You can’t begin to address any of these issues unless you have a context within which you can see them clearly. None of them can be dealt with effectively in isolation, since they are all interrelated. My forthcoming book will give you that context, and restore your power to control your life.

To control your life, you have to know what’s going on. You have to see how things fit together. You have to understand the big picture… and that’s the picture politicians and the media would rather you didn’t know.

Politicians don’t want you to question the status quo. The media wants you distracted in triviality. Are you angry about this? Are you different?

This summer I will publish The World in 2100: What might be Possible for Humanity? I’d like to show you the first chapter right now, and give you a complimentary review copy just before it goes on sale – simply register your interest in the form on the right. The World in 2100 will show you how to protect your interests, when everyone around you is trying to steal your lunch.

Risks and opportunities come hand in hand. By the end of the book, you will have the context that you are living through the most exhilarating transition in human history – a greater shift than the industrial revolution 300 years ago or the development of farming 12,000 years ago. And you’ll know how to benefit from it while everyone else is wondering what is happening.

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